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Allround Jet Service

Olivier van Noortstraat 11b

3071 PG Rotterdam

KvK 24360820

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Halm Super Jetpress Rebuilt s/n 2665-R (Rebuilt in 2003) for sale

A Super Jet press Rebuilt (JP-TWOD-6D-R) is a two colour offset envelope printing-press wich can print two sides (perfecting) in a single pass. Because of an upper- and lower feeder and the 6" plate cylinders, this machine can print for a wide range of envelope sizes in high speed. This machine is in excellent condition, and will be clean and overhauled delivered with brand new ink-rollers and new main motor DC-control.

papiersize minimum 82 x 108 mm
  maximum 460 x 325 mm
printingsize (one side) 460 x 305 mm (4 sides bleed off)
printingsize (perfecting) 230 x 305 mm (4 sides bleed off)


max 114 x 325 mm 60.000 p/hr (perfecting 30.000 p/hr)
max 230 x 325 mm 30.000 p/hr (perfecting 15.000 p/hr)
max 460 x 325 mm 15.000 p/hr

 Second hand used Halm superjet envelope overprinting jetpress for sale

  • 400 V / 50 Hz
  • 8 ft delivery table
  • new inkrollers
  • new DC control (main motor)
  • accessories, tools, spareparts included
  • stacking tray
  • installation and printers-instruction
  • This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
  • back side Halm press
  • Halm serial number and rebuilt year
  • accessories and spareparts
  • frontside envelope printing press
  • jet press 6 inch cylinder
  • new ink rollers